About Us

Alanna Bess all happened by chance. Alanna’s freshman roommate in college would not let her borrow a turquoise handmade bracelet. This led her to scour all of Boston to find a similar piece. Seeing nothing to her liking, she stumbled into a bead store. Eight hours later, with her entire high school savings depleted, she went back to her room to start working on her very first collection. Every time she wore a piece, someone came up to her and asked her where she bought it.

Alanna Bess Jewelry was born in the spring of 2002. Selling first to Grettacole Salon and Spa in Copley Place, Boston and then quickly attracting high-end boutiques across New England.

In 2006, after graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, Alanna waited on the huge 'Open Sea' line to get her newest collection into Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Hundreds of people waited in this line to have two seconds with the buyers. Alanna’s collection was one of the few accepted that day, and so began three years of weekend Trunk Shows. Regular customers started seeking out Alanna Bess Jewelry at the store including celebrities like Beyoncé.

Alanna resides on the Lower East Side in New York City with her husband and son. Despite the growth of her brand over the years, she remains passionate about handpicking every single stone and overseeing most of the production in NYC. Alanna’s pieces are inspired by her travels and studies in Italy, home décor, and anything with color.

Enjoy your Alanna Bess Jewelry and may it bring you good health, love & happiness.