About Us

Alanna Bess was founded in 2002 inspired by a desire to create one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Building upon the experience as a sales person in the retail women’s fashion industry, Alanna Bess developed a keen understanding of what women wanted. Her designs gained instant popularity and were showcased in many of New England's highest-end boutiques.

Alanna Bess' studies at Northeastern University brought her to a semester abroad in 2004 where she became immersed in the arts and culture of Florence, Italy. The influence of Italian designers empowered Alanna Bess to an even bolder sense of style and sophistication.

In 2005, an internship led Alanna Bess to New York City's fashion district. Her talents were recognized by several fashion innovators.

Alanna Bess graduated cum laude from Northeastern University in May of 2006.