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Hitha On The Go: You Need To Know About Alanna Bess

I’m a self-admitted jewelry hoarder.  I can’t resist the shiny, sparkly items that upgrade an outfit instantly. It’s a problem.  And when you’re friends with jewelry designers like Alanna, it’s dangerous for my wallet and my dresser top, which is littered with baubles. In a space that’s crowded with inexpensive statement pieces and out-of-budget “less is more” items, Alanna stands alone.  Her pieces are crafted with semi-precious stones and set in 18K gold-plated sterling...
Posted by: Alanna Richman

Style Through Her Eyes: Alanna Bess Jewelry

The other day I discovered this amazing jewelry by luxury designer Alanna Bess and I was completely blown away. She creates the most raw, exquisitely natural looking pieces all with strong metals and vibrantly colored stones. I think what caught my eye first was the shapes of the stones. The unique shapes, combined with the eye-catching colors makes for some very show-stopping statement jewelry. Check out a few of my favorites Alanna Bess Raw...
Posted by: Alanna Richman